Comments on: Lebanese Raw Kibbe Recipe – Kibbeh Nayyeh Traditional Lebanese Recipes Tue, 29 Sep 2015 23:20:03 +0000 hourly 1 By: Simone Thu, 11 Jun 2015 03:36:48 +0000 Ok so it is surely clear you ARE NOT Lebanese!!! I stopped reading the recipe when you wrote “Goat Leg”! WHAT???? G o a t, in Kibbie Neyyeh???
I thought it was horrible when my Lebanese mother would make Kibbie Neyyeh with ground round or ground chuck!

You never even wrote how many times Lamb must be grounded by the butcher, Duh! of course not, your not Lebanese! You wouldn’t know that you always, always make the butcher grind the meat 3 times, not once not twice but it must be 3 times!

Since you told your readers the wrong meat to use please let me tell you the only meat to use when making Kibbie Nayyeh. You use; LAMB, LAMB, LAMB!!! No other meat will ever do but L A M B!
Oh and dear god what was all that other crap you put in it? Never, never, never do you ever put in Green Bell Pepper! Cayenne Pepper, mint, 7 spice, and marjoram!!! No wonder your mother can not make it properly she is putting in all that stuff. Maybe for stuffed Green Peppers or some other weird dish but heavens not Kibbe!

Please did you actually look at a Lebanese cook book? Did someone play a joke on you and gave you this horrible recipe, what the h@ll???

If you really want to know how Kibbe Nayyeh is suppose to taste like then go to St. Claire Shores, Michigan and the name of the place is called Emily’s.
If you want to eat authentic Lebanese food and then blog about it eat there first and you will then know no matter how many times you make what ever it is you are dishing out to the public is CRAP!!!

Please do us all a favor take your recipe down until you actually have a clue on what you try to speak about!!!

How do I know what I speak of because I have been eating this food for 52 years. I would eat at the same Lebanese restaurant that Danny Thomas (Very famous Lebanese actor) ate at in Detroit, Michigan, The Sheik. Sad to say that restaurant has been out of business for years but Emily’s will do just as well.

Kibbe only has a few items in it, not the kitchen sink and them some just cause you think you should add it.

Oh and Honey, Let me save you over 336 hours of prep time:

Please one more added comment. Again what the H@ll are you talking about freezing the meat??? What old wives tail where you listening to? The fresher the meat the better, you make it the day the butcher grinds your meat, again, DUH!!!!

You add ice to your grinding process? HUH? Doesn’t it just get all gooey and slimey?

Did you tell your readers how long to soak the burghul for? How many times you rinse the burghul? No? Again do some research!

You just don’t throw ethnic food together! You make it from your heart and soul. You have to eat, breathe and know what your talking about regarding how to make Kibbe to actually make Kibbe!

Research and verify next time you write a Lebanese recipe.

If any of your readers say they just love Kibbe Sayniyyi, (Baked Kibbe)well of course you love it, your just eating a Lebanese version of meatloaf, yuck! What a waste of Lamb!

From an avid Lebanese food consumer.

By: Edgard Thu, 29 Jan 2015 14:50:06 +0000 Glad you liked the Kibbi Nayyeh Jim :-) did you use beef or goat meat?

By: jim Sat, 24 Jan 2015 23:05:10 +0000 i have eaten kibbi nayyeh\raw\ all my life and i am irish on both sides . my children and grandchildren also love it. i just made your version and it was a hit with family. thank you GREAT FOOD!!!!

By: Karen Wed, 13 Aug 2014 20:26:52 +0000 Personally I could never bring myself to eat it raw. I love baked kibbeh. My ex-husband’s family is Lebanese, so every time we visited them in Ohio I was treated to a feast. By far my favorite dish besides the stuffed grape leaves and Salads was kibbeh. The only suggestion for first timers to Lebanese food is that burghul expands in your stomach!! So eat small portions. My stomach hurt for days before anyone let me in on this. His grandma used lamb and would call ahead to the butcher shop so he could clean his equipment before grinding up the lamb for her. I’m not sure every butcher would be as kind or willing but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

By: Edgard Thu, 05 Sep 2013 05:07:27 +0000 Hi Jennifer. I hear you. I personally don’t eat Kibbeh Nayyeh at all in the US, nor even in restaurants in Lebanon. I only eat it when we get the lamb/goat at our local butcher and he knows exactly where they came from. Also it is said that if you freeze the meat for 2+ weeks prior to using it, this helps killing off bacteria. This may be folk stuff, not sure how true it is but this is how my mother always does it.

By: Jennifer Tue, 03 Sep 2013 21:23:20 +0000 As a little girl my grandmother made us Kibbeh Nayyeh all the was so delicious and I wish I had the stomach to eat it today..but I would never trust raw meat anymore…I’m just lucky I was a child of the 70’s when ignorance was bliss and Ecoli wasn’t blasted all over the television..

By: Edgard Mon, 06 May 2013 23:22:34 +0000 Thank you for the details on vinegar Norma I’ll definitely keep that in mind. In our home we avoid making this with beef just because of the mess out there in our beef products. If we get hold of some fresh/local/organic goat meat we then use it for Kibbeh Nayyeh. We noticed that goat meat even gives a better flavor.. as for beef I just worry too much about eating it raw. I’m glad though that your method of rinsing with vinegar does not leave a vinegar taste on the raw meat.. very cool idea thank you again for sharing!

By: Norma Murray Fri, 03 May 2013 01:01:28 +0000 My grandmother never used the vinegar and I didn’t either until e-coli became so prevalent… I don’t taste any difference and neither did my father so I’d have to say no, it doesn’t change the flavor, just make sure you rinse it well.. it’s only to kill any germs or bacteria, not to marinate or tenderize. and I don’t soak it in the vinegar just more or less bathe it then rinse.

By: Edgard Wed, 01 May 2013 17:19:47 +0000 Hi Norma – thank you for your comment and I’m glad you’re still in touch with the Lebanese food culture. Does the meat flavor change at all when you soak it in vinegar?

By: Norma Murray Wed, 01 May 2013 11:20:29 +0000 both of my paternal grandparents were from Lebanon, grew up watching my grandmother make the stuffed cabbage, baba ganouch, and baked and raw kibbe. She also made hummus, but I never liked much except for the stuffed cabbage rolls, and raw kibbe, those were my favorites.. now when I make the raw kibbe, I always freeze my meat (always beef) and after it thaws, I place it in a dish with some vinegar that I use to coat the meat to kill any bacteria, then I rinse it with cold water and grind.. also my grandmother used the all spice, cinnamon, onions, and mint which she would grind in with the meat.. she used to make all of her dishes EVERY Sunday an I never understood how much she toiled untill I tried to do the cabbage rolls and kibbe in one day and please for give my spelling errors! :-)